Using technology in the home is becoming the norm. Home user support needs to be flexible, which is why we make house calls. We schedule times with you to see how you are using your equipment and how you might like to use your equipment. And, unlike the guys that say they will be there sometime within a four-hour window, we make appointments that fit your schedule.

Home user support may be required because of:

  • a minor setting change or driver corruption and now something (or everything) isn't working
  • a virus or malware problem
  • software installation issues
  • the need to replace or upgrade hardware
  • an expired antivirus, or you are not sure you ever had antivirus installed
  • you recently had a phone call from someone claiming to be Microsoft or Windows support, and unfortunately you gave them access to your computer
  • some newly-aquired technology that you might need help setting up
  • the WiFi signal from your phone or cable company box in the basement is not making it to the rooms in your house where you want to use your devices
  • you want emails on your mobile device/tablet/computer
  • a desire to stream movies from your computer to your large screen HDTV
  • you have never backed up all those pictures you have and someone you know just lost their pictures because a hard drive failed
  • issues with older operating systems (OS) that are no longer supported or a need to reinstall the OS
  • unfortunately, even user error

We can diagnose issues quickly and help you to get things back on track. We provide reliable, cost-effective support to home users of all skill levels.

One of the largest issues to face home users in recent months has been what to do with their computer now that Windows 7 support has stopped. What may be a shock, is that the answer is not always the same. We tailor our advice and recommendations based on your needs and your budget.

Malware symptoms

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